GT Power Series 24mm Cranks Chromo 4130 Black

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GT Power Series-blk
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GT Power Series 24mm

GT Power Series 24mm Cranks BMX Black 175

GT Power Series Cranks in Chromoly...Selling Fast!!!
24mm chromoly spindle 48 Spline
175mm Chrome or Black Arms
Chromoly 2pc Arms
Optional American o24mm BB. The American BB is for bb tubing that measures about 2" inside diameter. Mid is a little smaller at about 40mm. Most newer frames are the Mid BB type while Old School BMX frames are mostly American sizing. Almost all 3pc Crank arms accept 9/16" pedals only. 9/16" Pedals only.

We also carry the GT Power Series cranks in Alloy. The Alloy includes a 22mm spindle. You would need a 22mm BB bearing for this crank.

Mechanic Tip: These cranks arms are LSD and RSD compatible so be careful when you install them because both
arms have a sprocket bolt. You do not want to have to pull them off and start over.

Reproduction of the same GT cranks made in the 1980s
You will need a 24mm BB in the size that your frame takes.
Old School frames will take an American BB.
New School frames would be Mid 19mm for the most common size.
Mid is simply the size of the American BB without the Cup. So the Mid frame BB shell is smaller by the thickness to the Cup that surrounded the sealed bearing.
Mid BBs have no Cup around the bearing. The downside is the bearings usually get damaged when removed without taking tactical precautions.
All sales Final on these Cranks.

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