Excess BMX Freewheel

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Lighter, faster engagement, and stronger are the 3 goals that we set out to do when making a Pro level freewheel and we were able to far exceed all of our goals with the new Excess Pro Series Freewheel.

Features include:

  • Cold Forged from 4130 Chromoly
  • 3 heavy-duty fast engaging releasing Pawls
  • 30 Points of Engagement for an instant and reliable start every time
  • Show Chrome finish on the outside, Titanium finish in the center
  • 8-spline body for weight savings and easier removal with standard tool
  • Works with 1/8 or 3/32 Chains
  • Excess Freewheel removal tool sold separately
  • Available in sizes 18,19, 20 and 22 tooth in end march.

The Excess Freewheels are rated at 550 LBin. Torques, that far exceed the current FW on the market, which are rated only at 420 LBin. We made these to meet the current needs of a high performance and reasonably priced freewheel.

Excess Freewheel Weights:

13T (110g) 3.9 ounces
14T (126g) 4.4 ounces
15T (132g) 4.7 ounces
16T (138g) 4.9 ounces
17T (160g) 5.6 ounces
18T (168g) 5.9 ounces
19T (176g) 6.2 ounces
20T (181g) 6.3 ounces
22T (192g) 6.7 ounces

13T, 14T and 15T Sizes will work with Flip Flop Hubs only. 3/32 inch Teeth.
Get a Excess remover tool for removal of freewheel. Installing a freewheel is done by hand threading it on to the threaded hub.
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