Avent Viper One Complete BMX Race Bike

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  • Avent Viper BMX Racing Bike


The AVENT Viper One BMX Bike is a high end RACE BIKE

Avent Viper One BMX Bike Description:

If you are looking for an all around bmx bike with a lights-out stiffness-to-weight ration, smooth and compliant ride and you do not want to spend more than $1000 for custom fitted bike - we will spoil you for choices. No need to fine tune bars, cranks sizes, gear or cranks once you get complete bike off the shelve. Nine43 comes ready to race. With parts you select to serve you the best. Frame : Aluminum Viper Fork : Bombshell F2 or F7 fork Wheels : Bombshell SL or Jet's Cranks, Bottom bracket and Chainring : Bombshell CRX Headset and Stem : Bombshell Bars : Bombshell alu Tires : Alius ( Vee ) Clamp and Grips : Alius Seat : Alius ( SDG ) Brakes : Tektro

Imagine a bike where you can choose what you need and what you like and get it in the box few days later. Ready to race with off the rack bike price. This is Avent Viper. Bike is fully assembled in USA. Hand build wheels, CNC machined cranks, adjusted and tested. Ready to Race.


frame Avent Viper Avent Viper Avent Viper
fork Bombshell f2 Bombshell f2  Bombshell F7
wheels Bombshell jet Bombshell jet Bombshell SL
bars 2D 2D 2D
brakes Bombshell Bombshell V's Bombshell V's
cranks Rocket/ Ratchet Rocket / Ratchet  Bombshell Rocket / Ratchet
BB  Velo  Velo   Bombshell
stem  RL 39  Bomb RL5 custom  Bombshell RL5 
tires  Kenda   Kenda  Vee Speedster


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