ACS Paws Freewheel 3/32" Best One

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ACS Paws Freewheel fits 3/32" to 1/8" RSD for Thread on BMX Hubs

ACS Crossfire now called the ACS Paws Freewheel- Cold forged, CNC precision machined, 3 pawl engagement or a stronger hold, 12 deg. quick engagement, Tighter tolerances for less play, unique 6-notch pattern removal for better clearance, matte silver finish is corrosion resistant and eco-friendly, stronger Individual corrugated packaging, 3/32" will also fit 1/8". No longer a 4 prong. You need the ACS Crossfire tool to get this off your hub. Always remove freewheel before you dissemble the wheel.

Time tested Hardened Chromoly Freewheel that is better quality than any other ones. Features a long lasting 4-Pawl design that is nice and loud. 14 and 15T Sizes will work with Flip Flop Hubs only. 3/32" Teeth.

The ACS Paws 4.1 Crossfire Freewheel 3/32" will last for many years without skipping.

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