About Us

About Us formed around 1981 as a local bike shop. The other bike shops in the area were not strong in BMX. We called ourselves American Cycle Express in the print magazines like BMX Plus, BMX Action, Transworld and others. Our websites are and ACE was short for American Cycle Express. At this point we have two websites, but hope to be just one soon. We are a full service brick and mortar operation that sells to locals and worldwide.

Did you know that BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross? The cross is the X.  

Fact: Wes BMX mail order was about three miles from us just across the Susquehanna River. The owners son and I grew up together in the same town. We rode BMX together. We were part of the reason that freestyle was born. Our businesses supplied customers with parts and bikes which helped the BMX industry to survive and grow. I was already in the bike business in 1981 when I was inspired by Wes BMX to go big with world wide bicycle mail order.

Today we are still selling bikes and bike parts all over the world. At the store we sell complete assembled bikes, bike parts and do repairs on bicycles. You can pick all the parts you want and we can build you custom bike from scratch. You can even get your custom wheels built and trued with us. We work on most any type of bike like Mountain, Road, Hybrid and BMX.

Some of the best selling complete bike brands are Kink, DK, GT, Redline, Colony, Eastern, Fit, S&M, Stranger, Haro and WTP. As far as bike parts, the best bike part brands are Shimano, Bombshell, Tangent, Answer, Odyssey, GT, Primo, Shadow, Cult, Profile Racing, Redline and Haro to name a few.

You can get any on the parts you need to build or replace on your freestyle or racing bike. This is a bike parts list. We can advise you on which bike parts fit on your bike. Email us your sales or technical questions.

Seatpost Clamp
BMX Accessories: Number Plates, Padsets, Locks, Pumps, Tools
BMX Clothing: Jersey, Pants, Gloves Helmets

Below is a picture of the owners Hutch custom BMX Bike. This bike was stolen an recovered, sold, then recovered again.